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How to Send a VoiceClip
  • Organize your contacts into groups like the Soccer Team or the Sales Team. It can even be just your two best friends.
  • Dial *8 (or *08) and say "Message" followed by a name or group from your address book. For example "Message Poker Gang".
  • You can now share a group so that others can call and message the people in the group with VoiceDial. Click on 'Share a Group' on the left hand side of the address book.
  • If you ever want to hear who is in the group you created, say "Address Book" from the Main Menu, followed by "Review Groups".
  • Remember:
  • When you send a VoiceClip to a group, the message is sent to the phone number in the wireless field for each contact in the group.
  • If a contact in the group does not have a phone number in the wireless phone field, but has a wireless number in another field such as the work field, then they may receive the VoiceClip.